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The Tamil Nadu between Vada Venkatam (North Thirupati) and Ten-Kumari is the holiest spot on earth - A Paradise on Earth and to merit this eulogy a divine fragrance permeates the Tamil land. Tamil known as Nectar is also named Sivam. Scholars opinion is that the Ten-kumari Continent is the first creation of land mass. And He who bloomed in this Southern Tamil Land- The lord with the third eye- shines as God glorified by one and all. And it is quit natural for the Creator to grace His creation by taking his abode there.
There is the reason for Manickavasakar to emphasize this aspect by invoking Siva as belonging to the land of Tamil. Classic literatures and prayer hymns abound to make us understand the grace of Siva over its Siva Shrines is a well known fact. Artistic gopurams and stately temples adorning the land between Tiruttani and Ten-Kumari are the aesthetic symbols of Siva. The Sthala puranas, (meaning " a holy or sacred place") prabandhas, hymnal Thevarams, Tiru Isaippa, Ballads and songs of Siddhas are all holy books filled with the aroma of Lord Siva's grace and proclaim the greatness of the Idols, sacred tanks and the sthala. This Tamil land, basking in Siva's grace not only houses the crown of world's art but also is the embryo for the development of history. Artistic stucco work and intricate carvings make it a veritable treasure house of Art and a mansion of Bliss. Fully comprehending this maxim, poetess Avvai has counseled that one should not live in a place bereft of shrines. Love is "Sivam". Tamilians are people who have harvested virtue by watering with devotion. Just as it bred heroism, it became the repository for piety and charity too. Can a plant sprout in a desert? " He who faces his reflection in the other, possesses a heart where in dwells the Supreme Lord," declared the saint of Vadalur. It is the feelings of this loving mind that is equated with Sivam. To drill into the minds of those who prattle that Love and Sivam are separate, Thirumular sang:

"Love and Sivam are different - says that ignorant Love is Sivam, they do not understand
Love is Sivam after they understand
In the ecstasic love, they merge into Siva"
Hence worship of Love is only worship of Siva. This in short is what all the religions of the world preach. The Chola Kingdom graced the Centre of Tamil Nadu. Groves of Atti trees formed a major part of this fertile tract, Because of abundance of Atti trees, this regions got the name Arkadu. The term 'Ar' means Atti. This Arkadu got bifurcated as south and north known as South Arkadu and North Arkadu. Both these tracts attained eminence through its fertile soil, perennial springs, prosperous life,historic splendor, divine blessing and pious thoughts. The Sthala where Nataraja performs his artistic Dance is Thillai (Chidambaram).This Thillai sthala is in South Arcot District, north of Coleroon, the branch of Cauvery, and South of the Manimuktha river. Alihting at Chidambaram (Railway station) lying midway between Madras and Tiruchirappalli on the main line,and proceeding a kilometer towards the west, the shrine-the epicentre of the town with its four imposing towers looms into view.
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