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Many are the festivals that occur in the temple of Thillai. They can be classified as Big festivals and Annual festivals. The worship offered to God every day is called Nityam and Naimityam is the festival performed on special occasions. Any flaw that occurs in the Nitya Puja is removed during the Natimityka puja. Two great grand festivals are celebrated for Nataraja Murthi in year, in Marghazi Tiruvathirai and Ani Uttiram.
Marghazi Tiruvathirai
The day of Thiruvathirai is the favourite day of Siva. Hence a festival is conducted on the day. A festival on Marghazi Thiruvathirai for Nataraja has been celebrated from times past, can be inferred from classic literature and the hymns of the four Nayanmans. Since Siva is the prime factor for the festival 'Thiruvathrai Thiruvizha', He got the names 'Adirai Muthalvan and Adirayan'. The eight verses in Paripadai and Kalithogai have mentioned this aspects. When the rains are over, the fog season commenced; In the month Marghazi on the day of Thiruvathirai with the Moon in full orb, scholarly brahmins begin the festival to 'Siva'. This is well brought out by a verse in Paripadal. Tirunavukkarasar and Tirugnanasambandar have ecstasically sung the charm of Thillai Nataraja moving car procession.
Ani Tirumanjanam
In the month Ani, on star Uttira, the Flag is hoisted 10 days in advance, From the 1st to the 8th day festival, the festival idols Somaskanda, Sivananda Nayaki, Vinayagar, Subramanyar and Chandesvarar being the five Deities (Pancha Murthis) are taken round the streets every day in silver and golden vehicles. On the 9th day, for the Car festival the prime Nataraja, Sivakami, Subramaniyar and Chandesvarar, the five deities go round in 5 cars. Then Nataraja, and Sivakami Ambal, are seated in the Hall of Thousand pillars, worshipped. At 1 p.m. Nataraja and Sivakamasundari depart to the Chitsabha of Jnanakasa performing the Ananda Thandava Dance. Then Arati; and at night Ghata Abhisekams are performed. Finally the flag is brought down.
Appar's Liberation Day
The Appar festival is conducted in Chittarai, Santhya star, the day when Appear was blessed with salvation. In Visaka Star Vaikasi month the Deity is taken to the Anantisvaran temple, worshipped there, and returned in the evening.
Sambandar's Salvation Day
The festival for Sambandar is conducted in the month Vaikasi, star Moola- the day Sambandar got liberation.
Manickavachagar's Mukti Day
Manickavachar secured the supreme liberation on star Maga in the month of Ani, and on that day in the middle of Ani Uttara festival, Manickavachagar with five Deities are taken round the streets, and after housing Manickavachaga in front of the Deity, arati is performed for all including Manickavachaga.
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